Glass Lamp Shades Catalog

Glass Lamp Shade Replacements for Antique and Victorian table lamps we stock student, Gone with the Wind Parlor lamp shades. For ceiling and baths replacement pendant lighting in new replacement colors and acid etched replacement for vintage fixtures. We also stock lily, glass sconces and glass torchiere replacement lamp shades.

Bankers | Desk Lamp Shades

Lamp Chimneys

 Cased Glass Cones

Replacement Library Lamp Domes

Glass Pendant Lamp Shades | 2"

Glass Lamp Shades 3" | 4"

Glass Floor Torchiere Lamp Shades

Replacement Parlor Lamp Globes

Lilly Shades | Lily Lamp Shades

Reverse Painted Lamp Shades

Replacement Glass Sconces

Student Oil Lamp Shades