Replacement Lamp Shades

Replacement Glass Lamp Shades

Replacement glass lampshades for table, floor and ceiling.

  • Large Library Lamp Shades
  • Replacement Glass Floor Torchiere Lampshades
  • Student sizes from six to sixteen inch height
  • Lilly Lamp Shades
  • Replacement Victorian Lamp Globes
  • Ceiling Fan Lamp Shades | 2" fitter
  • Replacement 3 and 4 inch Lip and Straight Fitter Lampshades




        Chandelier Lamp Shades

        Available in sizes to four inches.  The most common size fitter is 1 5/8 inch. Fitter sizes for larger shades will be approximately 1/4 inch larger than the outside diameter of the glass shade."


        Chimney Lamp Shades

        Available in two types.  The pipe fitter is shown above Neck less shades will have a 1 1/2 inch bottom opening that fits over the socket and have a ring that screws on from the outside.


        Gone with the Wind Replacement Victorian Parlor Lamp Globes

        To size these shades measure the vertical height.  An eight inch shade will measure 7 1/2" from the very top to the bottom."

      • Reverse hand painted shade in sizes to sixteen inch outside bottom diameter


Half Shield Lamp Shades

    • Small shades are referred to as student shades.  Larger shades are often referred to as oil lamp or hurricane shade.

      Student Oil Lamp Shades


      Mini Chandelier Lamp Shades

      These shades are most often cased glass.  The shade is white opal cased over it.

    • <p>00010 Brown Wicker Shade 6 inch Top X 22 inch Bottom X 9 inch height .</p>

      Replacement Lamp Shades

      Twelve inch fitter shades will measure 11 3/4" outside glass diameter fourteen inch fitters will measures approximately 11 3/4" outside bottom diameter"


      Large Replacement Lamp Shades

      For every room in the home 2 1/4 inch fitter pendant shades will measure approximately 2 inches outside bottom glass diameter"


      Silk Lamp Shades

      Available in two sizes. 3 1/4" fitter has a 3" outside bottom glass diameter.  A 4" fitter will measure approximately 3 3/4" outside glass diamet



      Pleated Lamp Shades

      Lamp diffusers will attach to a lamp with three thumbscrews and will usually have a fabric shade that rest on top of diffuser."