61272 - 10" Opal Diffuser Ies Glass 2 7/8" Fitter X Ht 5 3/8"

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61272 - 10" opal diffuser ies glass 2 7/8" fitter x ht 5 3/8"

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    By the by, way to at

    Posted by Sharleena on May 16th 2017

    By the by, way to attempt to snuff out free speech. Nice how Tom Cruise gets all chummy chummy with the head of Viacom and all of a sudden Xenutv1 gets taken down right as Mark Bunker is about to post the BIGGEST interview EVER! An interview that could even win him another Emmy. Way to go killing free speech. I thought this country was against tricks like that. We certainly di39n#d&;t look kindly on the NAZIS when they did it. We ousted Saddam because he did it. I don't see how or why this has happened in the Land of the FREE and Home of the Brave. This disgusts me.